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Exercising at Home


Health and wellness products to support your stress recovery, build resilience and priorities self-care.

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A combination designed to fuel mental and physical performance, aid post exercise recovery and improve sleep quality so you can hit those fitness goals, recover efficiently and rest easy.

Liquid BioCell Sport (2)
Liquid BioCell Sport fuels physical and mental performance with one advanced formula. Synergistically combined with BCAAs, L-carnitine and 7 phytonutrient-rich superfoods plus vitamin B3, Liquid BioCell Sport is designed to nourish active joints.

Magnesium Powder
Packed with a powerhouse magnesium blend, Modere® Magnesium Powder is designed to target your muscles, supporting normal, healthy muscle relaxation and post exercise recovery.

Sleep features a combination of soothing ingredients including bioavailable lavender oil and passionflower that help reduce mild anxiety by calming the mind and helping to relieve nervous tension—so you can rest easy.


Axis TreBiotic for microbiome support and overall wellness, with digestive support plus multi-patented Liquid BioCell® collagen.

Your gut microbiome is key to optimal wellness. That’s because emerging science has shown that a balanced microbiome is linked to nearly all your bodily processes. The Axis Gut Support + Life Collection pairs our cutting-edge Axis TreBiotic with Microbiome Matrix™ with a careful blend of Digestive Enzymes and Activate, a 3-day detox, plus adds our bestselling Liquid BioCell® Life to nourish joints and skin—a scientific approach to modern health.

The Axis Gut Support + Life Collection includes:

Colorful Food


"The texture of my skin is smoother and looks way more even."

Upgrade your skin care regimen with an expert collection of breakthrough products – CellProof Double Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer and Infusion Mask plus award-winning Liquid BioCell – designed to give you noticeably more radiant skin.

The Modere Inside-Out Collagen System takes a comprehensive, inside-out approach to vibrant, youthful-looking skin. A collection of exclusive CellProof topical formulas delivers potent, award-winning ingredients to visibly enhance your appearance, while the supernutraceutical Liquid BioCell nourishes your skin from the inside, promoting hydration, firmness and elasticity.* The products work synergistically to revitalize your skin’s appearance, and let your inner beauty shine!

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