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What is the cost spent per mental health-related worker's compensation case?

Did you know that current estimates indicate that at least $292,770 is spent per mental health-related workers’ compensation case according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018)

Psychological injury claims can be a result of work pressure, harassment and bullying and exposure to workplace violence.

Safe Work Australia also reports that the outcomes for employees who experience psychological injuries are poorer than for those recovering from physical injuries which is quite alarming.

What if we could help employees cope with stress and build resilience before a claim happens?

Whether your staff are chronically stressed or have an unhealthy eating culture, it can have a negative impact on their productivity and performance, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

As a Corporate Health Coach with a background in occupational rehabilitation, I have a passion for helping companies prevent staff burnout and reduce worker's compensation claims through a tailored corporate health and wellness program.

Learn more about how I could help your organisation's health and wellness goals by booking a complimentary discovery session today.

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