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Checklist of a Mentally Healthy Workplace

When staff are exposed to long working hours and stress for a prolonged period of time, they are more likely to smoke, consume too much alcohol, not exercise as much and don't prioritise eating well.

Benefits of having a mentally healthy workplace

Participating in these behaviours can lead to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic pulmonary disease, diabetes and mental health conditions that not only impact the workers but also cost the company's workplace productivity.

It is estimated that $2.3 billion could be saved by reducing chronic disease risk factors through worker participation and increased productivity, so how do you know if your company's workplace is mentally healthy?

Here is a simple checklist to consider:

  1. Does your company's workplace promote and support positive mental health?

  2. Does your company actively eliminate and minimise psychological health and safety risks through identify and assessing the workplace on a regular basis?

  3. Does your company build the knowledge and skills of their staff to be more resilient and thrive at work?

  4. Does your company support the recovery of workers returning after a physical or psychological injury?

  5. Does your company advocate against stigma and discrimination?

Having a mentally healthy workplace goes beyond just reducing or minimising risks, it's also about promoting and fostering a healthy, positive and supportive workplace culture.

Hartnett Health is a corporate health and workplace wellness consultancy, that creates bespoke health and wellness programs to help companies prevent staff burnout and reduce worker's compensation claims through corporate health coaching and employee health education that is unique to your specific organisational needs.

You can book a complimentary discovery session today by clicking here, the goal is to get to know your business and its current challenges and discuss your company's health and wellness goals.

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