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Helping injured workers find joy and purpose in their career path again.



Vocational & Employment Services

Providing services across Comcare, SIRA, Workcover QLD, independent insurers, Life Insurance and Department of Veteran Affairs claims as an independent contractor for various injury management and occupational rehabilitation providers.

Services include:

  • Cover Letter and Resume Development

  • Interview Preparation Skills

  • Injury Disclosure Training

  • Vocational Counselling

  • Sourcing host placements as part of the Recover at Work Program (QLD)

  • Sourcing host employers for Work Trials and JobCover Placement Programs (NSW)



Working with several occupational rehabilitation providers supporting injured workers with both psychological and physical claims to return to work across SIRA, WorkCover QLD, Life Insurance and the Department of Veteran Affairs including:

  • Active OHS

  • AustRehab

  • Direct Solutions

  • Dynamic Rehabilitation

  • Experts Experts

  • Fellowship Rehabilitation

  • JK Resourcing and Consulting

  • PHSA (Prestige Health Services Australia)

  • Prudence Rehabilitation

  • ProWork Consultants

  • Rocket Rehab

  • Skilled Health

  • Star Injury Management Services

  • Workers Health Centre

  • WorkRehab

  • Workcom


Before working with Merly I had allowed the voices of others to hold me back from believing that I was capable of making the changes I wanted to make, to experience my best possible life. Since working with Merly, I have been so grateful to find a sounding board for my thoughts and feelings. The biggest change has been learning to trust my intuition and building the confidence to make the big changes I wanted to make. I've moved careers and stood proudly representing my community on issues relating to health that are important to myself and others. Merly is an approachable, realistic and enthusiastic coach. I would recommend Merly to anyone as their coach!! Having someone in your corner to encourage you is a valuable tool for every single person. I have loved working with you Merly! Thank you!


Alissa Pattrick

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Our jobs not only provide financial security, but it is also an opportunity to gain fulfilment, meaning and connection with others and offer a necessary means of identity expression (Lent & Brown, 2013).​

Each year of full-time work equates to around 2,000 hours of our life, let's make it a happy and purposeful use of our time!