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Health and Wellness Coaches (or simply Health Coaches) are wellness experts and mentors who help others feel their best through personalised diet and lifestyle changes.

Health Coaches work with clients to help them discover the best wellness routines that work for them and empower them to meet their unique health goals.



  • Nearly 30% of the world’s population are overweight or obese.

  • Doctors receive little nutrition training in four years of medical school.

  • Seventy percent of deaths around the world each year are caused by chronic conditions.

  • Research has found that health coaching helps patients improve health outcomes and manage chronic conditions.

  • study found that health coaching is effective in reducing healthcare costs, and “patients aided by Health Coaches saved $412 [USD] per patient per month.”

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Jane Brody

The New York Times Personal Health Columnist

You’d likely benefit from the help of a health coach, whose job it is to give patients the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence they need to participate fully in their own care and well-being... Monetary savings aside, the value to patients is immeasurable.

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Hartnett Health helps professionals in the workplace set and achieve health goals through our bespoke workplace health and wellness programs designed to:

  • Improves employee health behaviours

  • Reduces sick leave and stress leave

  • Increases healthy communication and relationships

  • Decreases absenteeism/presenteeism

  • Improves productivity and performance

  • Build and help sustain high employee morale

  • Decreases staff turnover

  • Decreases worker's compensation claims

  • and overall increases profitability!

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What They’re Saying

I found the time that I worked with Merly truly transformational. As a working mom with a corporate career and my own businesses, pausing for myself can be challenging. Merly has helped me make space for my own thoughts and feeling. She has helped me build skills and recommended tools to remain consistent. I learned more about balancing masculine and feminine energies. And understanding you truly need both. Our time together was a jump start to help me find me. And I truly appreciate her for being amazing.

Client, Operations Director

Thank you Merly for all your help and support in getting me to Canberra and landing my dream job!

Client - Laywer

Merly helped me to understand how hormones play a significant role which turned out to be the bases of all my health issues. What doctors failed to do and hundreds of products and money spent later, Merly helped to fix the underlying problem and not just deal with the symptoms. I highly recommend Merly for her caring nature and insight into a woman’s health. Thank you Merly!

Client - Rehabilitation Consultant