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Tailored group health coaching program designed to walk employees on topics and create a collective transformation that is currently impacting the organisation.



A study by Yocum and Lawson (2019) reported on a workplace group health coaching initiative with employees in leadership roles that showed “positive change and growth” with reductions in stress, increased self-awareness of self-identity, values and desired goals.

Benefits of group coaching:

  • Participants experienced a sense of community and a great sense of responsibility to follow through on commitments

  • Less isolation

  • Learning from others’ experiences

  • Enhanced creativity  and courage to try something new

  • Authentic communication and support

  • The opportunity to provide streamlined education or information which may be harder to deliver in a one on one setting

  • The use of tools such as mindfulness and other stress reduction strategies delivered in a group setting

  • Sense of cohesion

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Russell S. Phillips, director of the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School

“Changing health behaviours is challenging,” but wellness coaching “can help patients identify manageable ways to improve them,”