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Bounce Back from Burnout

Merly Hartnett is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has over 10 years of working in occupational rehabilitation working with clients with psychological injuries living with PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other mental health problems going through major life transitions.

As a mum to two young boys, a lifelong student and running her own business since 2016, she understands the challenges that face mums when wearing multiple hats and wanting to be good (successful) at everything all at the same time!

Having struggled with mental health problems and burnout herself, she's learned that when it comes to healing and recovery, it's so important to have someone that truly gets what you're going through without judgement and helps you map a way out.

She's passionate about recreating a supportive village that supports mums and advocates for mental health awareness.

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  • Masters of Rehabilitation Counselling, Griffth University Queensland (Current)

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Certificate, Institute of Integrative Nutrition NY, USA

  • NLP Practitioner Certification (Current)

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  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance at Monash University

  • Quantum Advanced Program, Dr Espen

  • Understanding the Military ExperienceUnderstanding the Military Experience, Australian Government Department of Veterans'​ Affairs

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Unique Dual Experience as an Employee, Sub-Contractor and Start-up Business

Merly has a unique skill set with experience with achieving success in her professional career as an employee, self-employed contractor and start-up business owner as follows:

  • Over 10 years of experience working in the occupational rehabilitation industry working with clients with both physical and psychological injuries​

  • 100% self-employed and business owner since 2016 in the consulting, coaching and online e-commerce space.

  • Experienced as an employment specialist, labour market researcher and vocational consultant working in occupational rehabilitation.

  • Proven track record of helping clients change careers, start businesses and flourish in their professions.

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Member of the IAHC International Association for Health Coaches

Health Coach Alliance Registered Health Coach (HCA-RHC)

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You’d likely benefit from the help of a health coach, whose job it is to give patients the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence they need to participate fully in their own care and well-being... Monetary savings aside, the value to patients is immeasurable.

The New York Times Personal Health Columnist

Jane Brody

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